Shutting Down Your Inner “Mom Critic”

Because we all have one

When it comes to your typical day to day laundry list of responsibilities (including the laundry, of course), she comes around. She’s nit-picky, harsh, and many times just down right rude. She’s your “Mom Critic,” and she can never give you a break! For many of us, she’s often based on our real mothers. For others, she can be based on your mother-in law. (Oops, I said it.)

Nevertheless, she will rear her pretty little head where you least expect it… in your head. And, it’s HARD to get her out.

The kids can’t survive off of chicken nuggets

The house looks a mess today… the same way it’s looked the whole week.

All of these thoughts flood the brain and it’s easy to lose sight of what our real priorities are. Our children.

While it’s NORMAL to feel overwhelmed and as if you can never do anything right, we need to cut ourselves some slack. The truth is, a mom who worries about getting it right is already getting it right. As long as you do your best each and every day, that is more than enough!

All of this to say that we are often our worst critic. Although it’s hard, sometimes we need to just breathe and let go of what is out our control. We can get back to it and try again the next day.

Shut down that inner mom critic. Just love your kids and live your life with love ♡

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