Fundraising for IMTA (International Models & Talent Association)

So it’s official! My son has been selected to attend IMTA in New York. I’m beyond elated but I can’t make it happen for him without some help!

That’s why I’m reaching out to a community of others in hopes of making his dream come true. Please consider sponsoring Gavino to make this a possibility for him.

About Gavino

Gavino is a 4th grade student who is known for his friendly and humorous demeanor.


We will be hosting raffles this upcoming holiday season, as well as taking pre-orders for tamales. If monetary help is not something you can commit to at this time, we totally understand. A simple Instagram follow or Facebook page “like” can go a long way, believe or not. Follow him on Instagram by clicking the icon to the left, and Like his page on Facebook under “Get Gavino to IMTA”